Chesapeake Science Point Elementary Public Charter School (CSP Elementary) is modeled after Chesapeake Science Point (CSP). CSP is the best charter high school in Anne Arundel County and Best Ranked in Maryland, US News. Like CSP, CSP Elementary will be operated by Chesapeake Lighthouse Foundation (CLF) and governed by the CSP Board. The technology focus is intended to expose and instill innovation and creativity in elementary school students through coding, robotics, virtual reality by means of technology integration, small group learning, experiential learning, and hands-on inquiry.

Mission Statement

CSP Elementary’s mission is to provide an innovation-rich, diverse, and safe learning environment that fosters the growth of academic, social, and emotional skills. The technology infused rigorous curriculum is designed to prepare students for the needs and challenges of the future and to become globally competitive and responsible members of the society.

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